The Seven Great Angels

The Source 800The Seven Great Angels are the seven Heavenly Intelligences that govern every aspect of life.

They are represented in the physical world by the seven visible “planets” known to the ancients: the Sun, the Moon, and the planets Jupiter, Venus,   Mars, Mercury and Saturn.

It is important to understand that the Seven Great Angels are not the physical planets. The planets are merely their outward and material expression.

While patriarchal societies gave masculine names and flawed human “personalities” to these Intelligences, in their original form they are the seven pure feminine “refractions” of the Single Divine Intelligence, the Great Mother. They are likened to the way in which pure light is broken into the seven colors when it is refracted through raindrops falling to earth.

Sai Raya 800Sai Raya

Day: Sunday; Planet: Sun; Color: Gold (Orange, Yellow)

Sai Raya is the Sun: the Great Luminary.  She is the Primordial Light and was there before there was an earth to light or a (physical) Sun to light her. The same may be said of the Moon and of each of the planets. They are Eternal Principles.

As a principle governing life on Earth, Sai Raya’s influence (the word “influence” means, a “flowing-in” from the “stars”, or celestial beings) is the most expansive and positive of all. The attributes of this influence include generosity, wealth, health, radiance and pride.

Sai Candre 800Sai Candre

Day: Monday; Planet: Moon; Color: Violet (Silver, White)

Sai Candre, the Moon, is the Lesser Luminary. At her highest level, the Moon is seen as the great Daughter Principle, just as the Sun is the great Mother Principle. The Lunar realm is the realm of imagination and also of mental activity. The word “mind” comes from the same root as “moon”.

As the Sun is the embodiment of the Spirit, so the moon rules the world of the soul and the psychic domain.

Sai Candre is also the Angel of purity and of wild creatures.

Sai Vikhe 800Sai Vikhe

Day: Tuesday; Planet: Mars; Color: Red

Sai Vikhe is the Angel of courage and of battle. Her planet is Mars. She is the Great Angel of warrior-maids and rules all the Martial Arts, and also such things as surgery, where a cut must be made in order to heal.

Sai Vikhe represents conflict, and thus iron, the metal of Sai Vikhe, is also the metal which symbolizes the Age of Iron, or Kali Yuga, traditionally known as “the age of quarrels”. The sign for Mars and Iron is also the sign for masculinity, and in the Age of Iron, the masculine principle has come to the fore in human society, in the social order and in its spiritual conceptions.

Sai Mati 800Sai Mati

Day: Wednesday; Planet: Mercury; Color: Yellow (Saffron)

Sai Mati is the Great Angel of Intelligence at every level—from communication and verbal ability to the transcendent Intelligence or wisdom known to the Greeks as Sophia.

Sai Mati embodies the Solar Intellect. This is why her color is yellow, that of sunlight (also why Buddhist nuns wear saffron robes). It is said that while Sai Vikhe embodies the heat of Sai Raya, Sai Mati embodies her light.

Sai Thame 500Sai Thame

Day: Thursday; Planet: Jupiter; Color: Blue (Purple)

Sai Thame is the universal principle of Order. The word cosmos (Greek Kosmos) means order, as opposed to chaos, which is its opposite principle. In Greek thought, the creation of the universe consists in bringing cosmos (order) out of chaos (disorder). Cosmos, or order, also means beauty. Hence our word cosmetic, which means to make orderly, and hence to make beautiful.

The influence of Sai Thame can be summed up by the word harmony. In traditional philosophy, creation is often seen as an act of music. Thame is literally the Music of the Spheres, the cosmic harmony that moves all things in their proper places and sustains their being. Without that harmony, all would dissolve into chaos and nothingness.

Sai Thame also governs rituals of all sorts, including dance, which is an expression of harmony and was originally of a ritual nature.

Sai Sushuri 800Sai Sushuri

Day: Friday; Planet: Venus; Color: Green (Pink)

Sai Sushuri governs Love at every level, from individual love and the love of family to a society bound together by concord and goodwill rather than by competition and the clash of parties and interests. Ultimately all these loves flow from and depend upon the love of the Mother.

At its root, all love is Divine Love, just as all beauty is Divine Beauty. It is the love of Dea for Her creation, the love of the soul for Dea, and the love of Her creatures for one another.

Sai Rhave 800-2Sai Rhave

Day: Saturday; Planet: Saturn; Color: Indigo (Brown, Black)

Sai Rhave is associated with austerity and with steadfastness and foundation. All that is solid and weighty belongs to her, as does all restriction. She also governs the qualities of reliability and responsibility. She is called upon in the foundation of buildings and in all things that must stand and endure. She is also associated with time.