The Femininity Project

Enhance your femininity. Free yourself from the shackles of pain, confusion and numbness that can mar your natural grace and harmony.


Experience the healing power of the Seven Great Angels, or Planetary Influences, in everyday life. Bring your soul into harmony with the Divine Feminine and allow Her to heal your heart.

The Femininity Project offers experiential workshops and on-going groups, as well as individual therapy, where we explore what our femininity means to us, how we can heal and how we have been damaged, in our minds, hearts and lives, in a masculine-dominated world and historical era.

The Femininity Project helps you experience anew your inner girl-child and step into a glowing integrated self. Enjoy connecting with sister-souls, both seen and unseen. Heal together through paired exercises, music, sandtray, art and guided visualizations in a safe and secure setting.

Who is the Femininity Project for?

As a woman you have had many experiences that left you confused, hurting and vulnerable. Whether or not you were born biologically female, you know your femininity is important – and often elusive.

Being feminine can feel unsafe and under attack, both from your own confused feelings and the world around you.

Working with Mary at The Femininity Project can help dispel the confusion, strengthen your inner girl-child and give you the courage to be your true self.

Mary, and The Femininity Project’s workshops, groups and individual therapy can help defeat the darkness, brighten the present and light the way forward. Call Mary now at 310 422 6497 to book an appointment.