About Mary Guillermin

Black-Red-Brunette-500Mary Guillermin, founder of The Femininity Project & SunMoon Therapy, is a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (LMFT#52868) and has a Diploma in Contribution Training & Gestalt from the Pellin Institute, London & Italy. Mary has been working with clients for over 35 years, both in England and here in California.

Mary has a special interest in femininity in general, and the Divine Feminine in particular. She struggled to reclaim her feminine softness after various damaging adolescent experiences, which crushed her innocence and unselfconscious enjoyment of her budding feminine self.

Mary appreciates that this personal experience echoes the wider world where the Masculine viewpoint dominates and controls, holding the reins of power from the political domain to the inner expressions of the mind, for women and men alike.

Mary has worked with women from diverse ethnic and gender backgrounds, and is sensitive to the traditional values of different cultures, yet also aware of how cultural pressures can lead a woman to give up or distort her identity as a female to fit into the parental world values.

Serenity 800She found her spirituality in a Feminine Form many years ago and is devoted to God as the Mother, and to Her Daughter. She conducts all her work with clients with the belief that we have our own individual journeys, and hopes that participants will “take what [they] like and leave the rest.” (From the Al-Anon meeting closing).

Mary helps you engage with and discover your femininity, in both its soft and vulnerable and its elegant and fierce manifestations, in a unique and safe atmosphere supportive of the expression and experience of Feminine Archetypes, or “influences”.

At university, Mary was a founder member of the Gay Liberation Front, in its early heady days when there was unity and community between gay men and lesbians and the straight gay/lesbian culture in the local town. Since university, Mary has developed all aspects of her feminine self within a spiritual context, and aspires to being elegant whether she is being soft and gentle or strong and bold.Divine Child 500

Mary can “see” your feminine soul with personalities of different ages and enjoys helping you communicate with and celebrate your internal girl children and teenagers.

If you want to write a personal email to Mary, write to her directly at thefemininityproject@gmail.com