SUN – Doing, Active: MOON – Being, At Rest

The Radical Path to Human Wholeness – using Creative & Intuitive Exercises.

SunMoon Archetype Healing uses the Archetypes of the Sun and the Moon to bring balance and healing to the psyche. We use the concept of Sun-in-balance (or Healthy Sun) and Moon-in-balance (or Healthy Moon) to describe the psyche in a state of harmony and wholeness. Each of us has an optimum balance of Sun and Moon energy.

Healthy moonMood swings, anxiety, depression, rage, numbness and other debilitating emotional states can be viewed through the lens of the Sun and Moon being out of balance or distorted. There is historical precedent for this approach. For example, melancholia, the medieval term for depression, was traditionally associated with the moon, and excess pride, often a feature of mania, was seen as one aspect of the Sun.

Healthy SunSunMoon Archetype Healing draws on the power of the planetary influences of the Sun and Moon to soothe (Moon) or stimulate (Sun) the nervous and emotional systems with visualizations and rituals. Therapeutic methods, such as Gestalt Art Therapy and Two Chair Work, and sandtray, collage and other ‘right brain’ exercises stimulate creative intuition and our own inner self-knowledge to reveal any present imbalances and develop a new harmony that is true to our inner nature. SunMoon Archetype Healing creates the conditions for deep self-knowledge to emerge, and the therapist plays a supporting role in exploration and the  restoration of balance by following the client’s lead.

In fact, watching and supporting elementary school age children heal themselves through playing in the sandtray was a major influence in the development of SunMoon Archetype Healing. It seemed clear that this wonderful self-healing power could be stimulated in adolescents and adults if the main emphasis of the therapy lay with developing intuitive and spiritual inner resources, rather than focusing on “talk therapy”.

Ceramic by Snr Garcia, Mexico